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About Us

PulsedMagnetics.us is part of a network of global distributors of non-invasive magnetic pulse therapy equipment that are committed to providing state of the art PEMF devices proven to enrich the quality of life and health of our clients. All products are backed by a five (5) year warranty from the date of original purchase. In the event of a malfunction during the warranty period, we will repair the product to its original operating condition or replace it.The Company is owned by David Burke. The Pain management team is ready to help you anytime. Call for an appointment.

We now sell PEMF generators for professional or home use!


PMT-120 series units are magnetic pulse generators. They are currently in use every day in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, France and Brazil.

Please note that there are many Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field devices available in the market ranging in price from $250 to $60,000 (USD); although they do provide the benefits of electro-magnetic therapy they are merely toys in comparison to the POWER & EFFECTIVENESS of our units.

About Magnetic Field Strength: Unlike other systems that produce extremely weak magnetic fields, a major advantage of our systems is their enhanced magnetic field strength (about 1,000 times more powerful), which substantially improves treatment results. The systems are completely safe with absolutely no side effects.

Other PEMF systems generate fields that the range is much too weak to provide any significant therapeutic effect. This is because it is a basic principal in physics that a stronger magnetic field will overpower or cancel out a weaker magnetic field. Since the earth’s magnetic field is stronger than the output of these weaker systems so they can provide only minimal, if any real therapeutic effect. Our PEMF units are the most powerful and technologically advanced systems in the world and there made here in the USA. Use of our PEMF devices by your clients, patients or yourself will open new treatment horizons. Help them with an exciting New Modality and realize an Additional Revenue Stream.

1) PMT-120D
Table Top or Floor Stand
length: 14 Inch
width: 16.5 Inch
height: 5 Inch
weight: 20 lbs
120 vac 2amp • 240 vac 1amp
Gauss: 48,000G
Frequency: 1Hz to 50Hz
Most popular with Chiropractors & Massage Therapists


2) PMT-120AT
All Terrain
height: 40 Inch
width: 20 Inch
depth: 9 Inch
weight: 39 lbs
120 vac 2amp • 240 vac 1amp
Gauss: 48,000G
Frequency: 1Hz to 50Hz
Most popular for Equine use


3) PMT-120P
height: 21.7 Inch
width: 14.5 Inch
depth: 8.9 Inch
weight: 23 lbs
120 vac 2amp • 240 vac 1amp
Gauss: 48,000G
Frequency: 1Hz to 50Hz
Most popular with professional athletes & trainers


4) Pulse 4 Life Home Unit

PulsedMagnetics.us now has a home unit! Financing is available with a 620+ credit score. See testimonials from many patients we have treated with thse amazing machines. You could watch TV in the comfort of your own home and treat yourself Call us for details. If you have the skill for sales - opportunities are available as well.
PEMF Home Unit

Medical Disclaimer:

The information provided on this website is not medical advice. Readers are encouraged to obtain the help, services and recommendations of healthcare practitioners. The webmaster and no one listed on this website are medically trained and we are selling this product as a business and for profit.

Please read and heed all the information provided from your practitioner and in the manual provided with the products we sell. 

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